Wow!  What a difference a year makes.  Pops & Lickers has really been a fun labor of love.  I'm so excited to share our new website that really was a group effort.  I never thought I'd ever be in a position that I would be doing something I truly love day in and out.  Before I go any further, I would be remiss if I didn't thank all who made this site and P&Ls possible.  

Lisa, thank you for your beautiful pictures, logo and direction.  You're seriously amazing and so talented.  Nichole, boy did we shop til we dropped for all the props...we're a good team.  Your impeccable taste and styling really showed through.  Paul, thank you for jumping in to style and letting us use your gorgeous house.   To my friends who let me use them, and their kids, as models, Georgette, Danni, Anne, Alexis, Antoine, Paul, Nichole and Amy.  Boy do I have some good looking friends!  Andy, my IT genius making sure I'm all set up and for putting up with all my website creating questions.  You're such a good friend.  To Ryan for always being my biggest cheerleader and always letting me be me.  I'm so lucky to have you.  To my friends who have stood at my dining room table helping me make the first P&Ls or helping me put the annoyingly hard labels on my packaging, Ryan, Kelly, Amy, Missy, Alexis, Kelsey and Nichole. To my parents and brothers who are also my biggest supporters and best taste testers, and my girls who inspired me with the idea in the first place.  I love you all.  When I say this is a group effort, I'm not kidding!  

P&Ls' Blog will be fun, at times random but most of all, what's going on.  I look forward to sharing our story while sharing fun!