In the theme of sharing our story while sharing fun, I wanted to write something about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This is my second experience with "Pinktober" and when I say 'what a difference a year makes' I really mean it.  Last year I was still in the middle of my chemo treatment and really wanted nothing to do with it, while this year I'm feeling AMAZING and am embracing it!  

Those of you who know me, know that I was part of the 1 in 8 campaign for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  Through that I got to be a part of some very cool campaign ads and speaking engagements...*cough Got to meet Donald Driver, *cough and he kissed me.  Not only did Linnea's Bosom Buddies have one of the largest teams, we also made the honor roll for our fundraising efforts!  What was even more exciting, Pops & Lickers got to be a part of the celebration too!  We showcased two of our seasonal flavors and proudly supported Linnea's Bosom Buddies.  The race was early on a Sunday morning and our Bailey's & Coffee and Chai Tea Latte Lickers had everyone up and ready for the 5K!  My team captain Veronica and the very best friends and family a girl could ask for all came to support the survivors.  It was truly an inspiring experience.  

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Tess enjoying a Pop!

Tess enjoying a Pop!

While I'm all about making any experience a fun one, I'm very serious about educating women about breast cancer.  So while it's OK to make this scary and serious disease not so scary, please remember that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with this disease.  Breast Cancer does not discriminate as I am living proof of that.  PLEASE get your clinical breast exams ladies.  Know what your normal is so you can become the biggest advocate for YOUR health.  Early detection is your best defense.  

So this Pinktober, I'll be wearing my pink proudly and educating as many women as I can about the risks and symptoms of breast cancer!  

In closing I'd like to post a picture of me and my new boyfriend.  (Sorry Ryan!)